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Reasons why Playing Guitar is Good For Your Wellbeing
4 months ago

If you are wondering whether there is a good reason for you to join guitar lessons in Brooklyn, then you need to realize there are some health benefits of playing the guitar. From the first cord you learn, having the knowledge of how to play the guitar is something that will never leave you.  Instructors at the Brooklyn guitar schools understand the many benefits that come with playing different musical instrument. Being able to play the first song on the guitar can be quite a defining moment for someone who have always dreamt of it, and you will definitely feel a sense of pride. Here are some good reasons why you should learn to play the guitar:


It is a form of therapy

There are many benefits of music therapy that are becoming quite apparent with charities, schools, and health organization using the guitars as an instrument for helping people to release stress, improve their memory, enhance communication and motor skills, and help people cope with different situations in life. For a long time, guitarists have recognized the therapeutic effects of playing the guitar.

Good for the heart

Music therapy is now a recognized treatment option that can supplement other treatment options. A group of researcher set out to do a study on the effects of music on blood pressure. They studied 3 guitarists and the results were interesting. For every patient who practiced for a period of over 100 minutes a day, showed a significant drop in blood pressure as well as a steady heart rate as compared to those who didn’t compete.

Enhancing creativity

Whether you are writing an original song or you are reworking a song for a cover band, the guitar is the perfect instrument for showing your creativity. This is therefore a good reason why you should join a Brooklyn guitar school. If you would like to be creative in the other areas of life like writing an essay for school or even pulling the ideas together for a presentation, you can take the guitar and playing it for a number of minutes will create the space in your brain that will let an idea drop in. We all have some creative juices flowing in us, even when we don’t feel like it. By playing the guitar, this can help us reconnect with our creativity. This can also help us to show our true authenticity.

Improve concentration and memory

In a study that was conducted at the University of Zurich, it was noted the areas of the brain that are responsible for memory get stimulated when playing the guitar. This can relate to both the muscle and cognitive memory. Children suffering from ADHD are at times, advised to take an instrument and play it as this helps them focus their energy on something that is both positive and creative. Improved discipline and drive can help focus on the new skill and at the same time improve concentration.

Improve confidence

If your confidence level is low, you should consider joining a guitar school in NYC. This is because playing the guitar can help you get a feeling of fulfillment and improve your confidence. You will find certain challenges when playing the guitar such as mastering chords and perfecting the swings. When you grasp these skills, you will have a sense of achievement that will improve your level of confidence.

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